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Here is the information available:
This year we will again be utilizing the services of PractiScore for both registration and squadding.
This year’s process will again include a lottery type drawing to take place after we have collected the registration requests from the competitors that are interested in shooting the match.
The total Match fee will be $325.00 per shooter which will be due after you are accepted into the match. Payment for the match will only be accepted online via the Practiscore registration website.
The registration process will take place from 10AM on October 1st and run thru October 15th 2016. At midnight on October 15th, registration will close and the lottery process will take place.
Shortly thereafter, you will be notified whether you are in the match or on the wait-list. Please do not be discouraged if you end up on the wait-list. For the last several years, everyone that has remained on the wait-list with a desire to shoot the match has somehow been accommodated.
Only one registration entry is allowed per person. When you register, please have the following information ready. T-Shirt Size, Division you plan to shoot, applicable categories (Military, Lady, Senior, Law) shooting partners full names, and valid personal email to receive confirmations and match communications.
For those of you registering as individual shooters, the process will be very simple and painless. You will receive an email confirmation when you have successfully registered for the match.
There is no “Gaming” this system. Anyone determined to be abusing the policy by attempting to register multiple times or with multiple shooting partners will determined to be unsportsmanlike and refused entry into the match.
After the lottery process has taken place, you will then be notified that you made it in the match. Your shooting slot is contingent based upon our receipt of $325.00 per shooter.
There are no-exceptions to this policy. If your electronic payment is not received by Sunday October 30th, 2016 your slot will be given to the next person on the wait list.
Please only register for the match if you have the intention of completing the process and shooting the match.
In an effort to comply with the many requests that were made for families and groups, we are again utilizing the group function in PractiScore’s registration. You will be able to choose if you want to register as an individual or as a shooting group. The group process will allow you to group with family members or regular shooting partners for registration and squadding.
Meaning – if you make it into the match, so would your family members or shooting partners (** limit of 6 **). The group as a whole will be subject to the same random process. The only advantage is for those that do not want to attend if their family or friends do not make it into the match.
As always, registration spots are not transferable and the refund policy will be strictly enforced.
Refund requests received prior to:
November 15th 80%
December 1st  70%
January  1st     60%
February  1st   50%
No refunds will be processed after Feb.1st 2017 !!
Here is more on the Group Process:
Example 1 (Shooting Buddies): Bill and Bob want to shoot together. Bill enters the match first as the group leader. He will then send Bob the group code and Bob then enters as part of the group. The group is treated as one entry. The group will make it into the match as long as space for the whole group is available if they are selected by the system. Bill and Bob cannot also enter as individuals.
Example 2 (Family): Husband wants to shoot with wife and child. Someone from the family enters first to start the group process as the group leader.. Then the rest of the family registers and joins the group using the code provided by the system.  Husband cannot also submit as an individual.
However, husband can submit individual application and wife and child can submit family group. But, then the husband will run the risk of wife and child making it into the match and husband left home alone.
You will have to make the choice if you want to register as an individual or a group and take your chances.
Approved Staff Registration and Approved Sponsored shooters can also sign up on this same website. If you are unsure that you will be selected as a sponsored shooter, signing-up here might be the only way to have a chance for a slot in the match. If you sign up for the match and are later awarded a sponsor slot, your match fees will be FULLY refunded.Approved sponsors may contact: Mick for registration info.
All sponsored shooters must be confirmed and registered by February 1st. After that date, all open spots will be passed along to those that are still on the wait-list.
Squadding will begin in mid February shortly after the Sponsor deadline.
The match is fully staffed and unless you have been CONFIRMED as a Staff Member do NOT use the “Staff” button selection for registration.  If you have questions regarding match staffing, please contact the Range Master thru the link provided on the SMM3G website.
For questions related to the registration or squadding process, please contact me by email at: RUSS.SMM3GUN@GMAIL.COM
I am hopefully that this process makes sense and our terms are both considered reasonable and understandable. We are humbled by the popularity of our match and constantly strive to refine the process keeping it fair while also staff friendly.

March 24-26, 2017