Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Need a Sling For My Rifle?

For 2019, we will have one stage requiring a rifle sling. We will provide a loaner for those that need to borrow one.

How much ammunition will I need?                                                                  2019 round count is 449

  • RIFLE short range=111
  • RIFLE long range=55
  • PISTOL 147
  • SHOTGUN birdshot=120
  • SHOTGUN buckshot=13
  • SHOTGUN slug=3

This assumes no misses, bring extra ammunition!!

IMPORTANT: A reminder about rule 3.4, which reads “ammunition containing tracer, incendiary, armor piercing, steel jacketed or steel/tungsten/penetrator core projectiles is unsafe and prohibited.”
Possession of steel projectile ammo at the SMM3G match will be grounds for DQ, regardless of whether the ammo is used on a stage, on your belt, or in your range bag. Please leave all your steel ammo at home.

I am not a competitor, can I watch? Absolutely! Bring eye and ear protection and feel free to watch the match. You will need to stay behind the stages but you can see most stages clearly from there. Remember to visit our Vendor Building! New guns and gun gear galore, with special deals for everyone!

Do we have to chronograph? We will randomly chrono Heavy Metal Division Competitors. Other divisions do not have an assigned power factor and will not need to chrono.

Will you be squadding? Yes, we will be squadding. The match begins at 0700 hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sunday shooting is scheduled to end in the early afternoon.

Can I shoot through? No, you may not!

Will we be finished early on Sunday? Sunday will be a full day. Shooting ends mid afternoon, followed by a 30-minute Protest Period, during which, you may check your scores. Following the protest period, awards/prizes will be distributed. You may delegate a proxy to walk the prize table for you, but you will need prior approval from an SMM3G Executive Staff Member, including written permission, signed by the shooter and your shooting badge. SMM3G personnel can provide a proxy form.

What will the weather be like? Typical morning temperatures are in the 40-50s warming to the 70s in the afternoon.

Steel ammo FAQs:                                                                                                             Q) The stage only has paper targets, so can I use my steel projectile ammo on this stage?
A) No, steel projectiles are not allowed at anytime, anywhere on the range. If you are caught with steel projectile ammunition, you will be disqualified!

Q) My projectiles attract a magnet, but only because the jacket is steel. There is no penetrator core, so this ammo should not damage steel targets. Can I use my steel projectile ammo?
A) No, steel projectiles, or ANY projectiles, that attract a magnet are NOT ALLOWED at Rio Salado.

Q) My ammo has a steel case that attracts a magnet – is it banned?
A) Only steel projectiles are banned. Steel cases themselves are okay, but bear in mind that  a lot of steel cased ammunition also has a steel projectile, so make sure you check the projectile.

Q) I checked my rifle ammo, so I should be okay, right?
A) No, the steel ammo ban applies to rifle ammo, pistol ammo and shotgun ammo – Please check ALL of your ammunition (we once had a guy bring steel birdshot to a 3-gun match).

What kind of shotgun ammo should I bring?  As per the rules:         3.3: Shotgun ammunition shall be 20 gauge or larger, unless otherwise stipulated under equipment division rules.

3.3.1 Birdshot must be no larger than #6 birdshot, and be made from lead or bismuth only. Iron/steel/tungsten birdshot is unsafe and prohibited.

Can I ship my ammo to the range?  Accuracy Speaks will accept ammo shipments.  You must call Accuracy Speaks at 480-373-9499 and inform them of the shipment.  You must also make sure that the your name is CLEARLY printed on the outside of the package for quick identification purposes.  We will collect the ammo and have it ready for shooters at registration.

Q) Why don’t you publish the stages before the match?
A) Because it’s a mystery!